Smart-latch-brandThe Smart range is an innovative collection of easy fit products. Designed to reduce fitting time and improve the aesthetics of a latch, the intuitive round design allows the installer to fit the Smartlatch in under five minutes, on average saving the installer 75% of the time it would usually take to fit a traditional rectangular faced mortice latch. The Smartlatch is available in both passage and privacy, making it a prefect accessory for the Arc range.

Smartlatch, Fit in 3 easy steps in under Five minutes

To complement the popular range, we currently have additions to the range in development. We have the smart keep in development and a Smart bolt in the early stages of production.  Click here to view the product range

Smart Latch

Fit Me in Under 5 Mins (Smartlatch) 230The Smart latch is the first product to be released from the Smart Range, This latch replaces the traditional rectangle latch. The intuitive design allows installation to be completed using one drill bit and in 3 easy steps. The smart latch is available in both passage and privacy. Click here to view the product range