The Smart range is an innovative collection of easy fit products. Designed to reduce fitting time and improve the aesthetics of a latch, the intuitive round design allows the installer to fit the Smartlatch in under five minutes, on average saving the installer 75% of the time it would usually take to fit a traditional rectangular faced mortice latch. The Smartlatch is available in both passage and privacy, making it a prefect accessory for the Arc range.

To complement the popular range, we currently have additions to the range in development. We have the smart keep in development and a Smart bolt in the early stages of production.

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Smart Latch and Smart Bolts in full range of finishes

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Tread-Stop: a new magnetic doorstop.

Tread-Stop: a new magnetic doorstop.

A problem with the conventional projecting doorstop, is that one careless step can break them and mean they …