Pocket doors are a great way to free up spaces within rooms by removing the footprint created by traditional hinged doors. This allows you to realise the maximum potential of the available space. With a typical space saving of 2.6m² per door compared to hinged doors, pocket doors are fast becoming the ideal solution where space is at a premium.


The Scrigno cassette system comes pre-assembled and is ready to install straight into the wall. It is the quickest to install of the two systems and each kit is built to accommodate a specific door size (there are imperial and metric sizes) weighing up to 100kg. An FD30 fire rated version and a double door system are also available. Several accessories are available for the kit including a conversion kit to allow the fitting of a glass door, a slow damper, a glass slow damper, a dynamic auto closer and simultaneous opening and closing system for double doors.

Cassette/Pocket - The pre-assembled cassette is made from 0.5mm galvanised steel on the sides and 0.8mm on the top and bottom profile sections. The cassette sides are formed using a single piece of pressed steel and the corrugations spaced from 10mm apart give the cassette excellent rigidity.

Horizontal Profile Sections - Further reinforce the structure and allow plasterboard to be fixed directly to the cassette.

Save Time - The cassette system is quick and easy to install saving time compared to conventional pocket doors.

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The kit system is the simple self-assembly version of the cassette. The kit is much lighter and easier to handle and install, but still provides the same sturdy result as the cassette. A single kit can be adjusted to accommodate multiple door sizes weighing up to 100kg. A double door system is easily achievable by joining two kits together using parts that are included.

Self-Assemble Kit - The kit system allows for extra versatility as a single kit covers multiple door widths. The kits come in metric and imperial sizes and cover 626 - 1026mm and 2ft - 3ft door widths.

Simple Assembly - Each kit is easy and intuitive to assemble. The kit features a 'snap-together' positioning system and comes pre-marked for various door thicknesses.

Compact Packaging - As the kits are self-assembly, the amount of packaging has been vastly reduced. This also means each kit takes up less space in a warehouse or construction site.

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