Excel Architectural Hardware Scrigno Catalogue

WHY USE POCKET DOORS Pocket doors are designed to remove the unusable space within buildings. By removing the footprint created by traditional hinged doors, users can make the most of their space. With a typical space saving of 2.6m ² per door compared to hinged doors, pocket doors are fast becoming the ideal solution where space is at a premium. Pocket Door Systems are ideal for: Living areas, en-suites, office spaces and cloakrooms. THE CASSETTE SYSTEM EASY 5 STEP INSTALLATION Cassette / Pocket - Made from 0.5mm galvanised steel on the sides and 0.8mm on the top and bottom profile sections. The cassette sides are formed using a single piece of pressed steel and the corrugations spaced from 10mm apart give the cassette excellent rigidity. Horizontal Profile Sections - Further reinforce the structure and allow plasterboard to be fixed directly to the cassette. Space Bars - Provided to be used during installation. These slot into the wooden jamb and cassette to ensure they are kept in alignment. 1. Insert aluminium track 2. Attach jamb and space bars 3. Fix to studwork 4. Apply plasterboard and plaster 5. Insert door Scrigno is the market leader in the production and sale of frames for concealed sliding doors. Their pre-assembled cassette complete with timber components reduces installation time and simplifies the installation process. QUICK F I T POCKET DOOR SYSTEMS