renova logoRenova is the simple and easy to install solution to re-invigorate old doors. Renova lever handles can be fitted to doors that have been previously cut out for tubular knobsets, using just an adaptor plate and our unique large cover rose. TheĀ modular system provides a choice of passage and privacy function, square or round roses, in multiple finishes. The tubular latches are a direct replacement for tubular knobset latches, providing a simple retrofit solution.

The fixing kit consists of: fixing discs that are secured through the door by bolt through fixings, specialised levers with a bespoke spindle and mechanism, a high quality latch and an oversized rose to complete the installation. As the range is interchangeable, all the components are sold separately.

Simple and Unique

The Renova renovation process is simple, taking just five steps. ItĀ is ideal for users who have existing knobsets and would like to replace them with lever furniture. Renova is a unique retro fit product, saving time and money.

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