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SNP 30mm 60/70Kg Invisible Hinge6-OTV-IN300120VN02
SNP Cover for 30mm Invisible Hinge (4 per pack)172OTV-GC300010J202
White 30mm 60/70Kg Invisible Hinge6-OTV-IN3001209P02
White Cover for 30mm Invisible Hinge (4 per pack)172OTV-GC3000109P02
Bronze 30mm 60/70Kg Invisible Hinge6-OTV-IN300120BO02
Bronze Cover for 30mm Invisible Hinge (4 per pack)172OTV-GC3000109R02
ZP 23mm 60/70Kg Invisible Hinge6-OTV-IN300120H004
ZP Cover for 30mm Invisible Hinge (4 per pack)172OTV-GC300010J102
Quality Grade:   Quality    Finishes:  SNP/WH/ZP
Dimensions:   Width  30mm    Height  120mm    Depth  21mm   
The Invisible Hinge range is a reversible concealed hinge designed for use on doors up to 60Kg with 2 hinges and 70Kg with 3 hinges. The range is suitable for use on 30-minute fire doors. The hinges allow the door to be opened to a 180 degree angle.

Made from a Zamak base, the hinges have movement on 7 fulcrums that use high tensile plastic bearings allowing for high resistance and long life.

The range requires a 21mm depth slot on the frame side of the hinge, this enables it to be integrated into small spaces. There is no need to cut the architrave for the hinge to be mounted flush.
The hinge is reversible if mounted in the centre of the door thickness, making it more efficient for door fabricators.

The hinges are equipped with a three-way adjustment system that allows fine tuning of the door with any 3 mm Hex Spanner. Aluminium plated caps are available in a wide variety of finishes to conceal the fixings and improve aesthetics.

Installation Jig available. Contact us for more information.

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3D Reversable 30mm Invisible Hinges

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