A problem with the conventional projecting doorstop, is that one careless step can break them and mean they require replacing. With Tread-Stop, that doesn’t happen. It contains powerful magnets and an internal metal cable that secures the stem of the doorstop to the rose. As a result, Tread-Stops will survive much longer, meaning fewer replacements which saves time and money.

The powerful magnets ensure the stem remains in place and the internal cable prevents the stem from detaching and becoming lost. This robust mechanism allows Tread-Stop to be bumped, bashed and knocked and always return to it's original position. Therefore this makes them ideal for use in schools, student accommodation or anywhere with heavy foot traffic.

High Quality Doorstop

Made from high quality (304 Grade) stainless-steel, Tread-Stop comes in polished and satin finishes and has a Ø19mm screw on rose that conceals the fixing plate. The 80mm long doorstop comes in Extra branded packaging and complete with fixings.

Tread-stop doorstop

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