The PLS Pro range provide an attractive and easy to install alternative to traditional catches and latches. Available in three sizes offering different strengths, they cover a wide range of applications. They're ideal for using on bi-folding and sliding doors but they can be used on cabinets, cupboards, wardrobes and on interior doors.

Unlike traditional latches and catches, the PLS catches are concealed. This results in a number of advantages over their competition. They have no protruding latch bolt to catch yourself on, nor do they have a strike plate lip.

The use of magnets instead of a latch also means there's no contact between the two components. As a result they produce no noise when the door closes, with plastic buffers used to reduce the sound from contact between the door and jamb. Furthermore, no contact between the magnets means they'll never wear out or need maintenance. Finally, as they never touch, there's a wider margin of error when installing the magnets. This adds to their already simple installation process which involves little to no chiselling.

Each catch also comes with adjustment packers which can be inserted under the magnet in the stainless steel housing cup to move the magnets closer together. This allows you to fine tune the strength of the catch, which gives even more leeway when installing the magnets. To finish off the simple installation, attractive brushed stainless steel cover plates are added to conceal the magnet and screw. This also allows the catches to be painted over if so wished.

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Precision Concealed Magnetic Catches